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Roshko Memorial Symposium

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, generations of family, friends, colleagues and students gathered for a day-long celebration of the life and work of Anatol Roshko. Hosted by GALCIT and the Division of Engineering and Applied Science, the event featured a symposium on the progress and unanswered questions of fluid dynamics, a field Roshko progressed significantly in his long career.

Audio Presentations

Symposium Schedule

8:45 am Continental Breakfast
Exterior Ramo Auditorium
9:15 am Welcome
Mory Gharib
9:30 am On Being an Anatol Student
Mory Gharib
9:45 am From Mixing Layers to Vorticity Transport in Turbulent Shear Flow: A Search for ‘Mechanics’
Garry Brown
10:15 am High-Speed Jet Noise
Dimitri Papamoschou
10:30 am Bluff Body and Separated Flows
Peter Bearman
11:00 am Structure and Control of Reattaching Flows with Subharmonics of Anatol’s Canadian Roots
Lorenz Sigurdson
11:15 am Morning Break
Ramo Exterior
11:30 am Anatol Roshko and Gas Dynamics
Hans Hornung
12:00 pm Entrainment in Turbulent Shear Flows or Why Does a Turbulent Mixing Layer Grow, and Why at the Rate it Does?
Roddam Narasimha
12:30 pm Lunch
2:05 pm Anatol and Clouds
Bob Breidenthal
2:20 pm Vortex Induced Vibration
Anthony Leonard
2:50 pm Unsteady Vortex Dynamics around Olympic Class Sailboats Due to Bodyweight Motions
Charles Williamson
3:05 pm Fresh Insight Leading to New Understanding in Classical Problems from Wall Bounded Flows to Bluff-Body Wakes
Hassan Nagib
3:35 pm Break
3:50 pm Unanswered Questions/Unmatched Challenges Panel Discussion

Garry Brown

Parviz Moin
Fazle Hussain
Beverley McKeon
Javier Jimenez
4:50 pm Closing Remarks
Ravi Ravichandran
6:30 pm Reception
Caltech Athenaeum
7:30 pm Dinner
Caltech Athenaeum