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Ae 205 ab
Advanced Space Project
9 units (2-4-3)  | second, third terms
Prerequisites: Ae 105 abc.

This is an advanced course on the design and implementation of space projects and it is currently focused on the flight project Autonomous Assembly of a Reconfigurable Space Telescope (AAReST). The objective is to be ready for launch and operation in 2015. Each student will be responsible for a specific activity, chosen from the following: optimization of telescope system architecture; design, assembly and testing of telescope optics; telescope calibration procedure and algorithms for wavefront control; thermal analysis; boom design and deployment test methods; effects of spacecraft dynamics on telescope performance; environmental testing of telescope system. Each student will prepare a survey of the state of the art for the selected activity, and then develop a design/implementation plan, execute the plan and present the results in a final report. Not offered 2023-24.