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Ae 105 abc
Space Engineering
9 units (3-0-6) first term, (2-4-3) second term, (0-8-1) third term  | first, second, third terms
Prerequisites: ME 11 abc and ME 12 abc or equivalent.

Part a: Design of space missions based on astrodynamics. Topics include conic orbits with perturbations (J2, drag, and solar radiation pressure), Lambert's Theorem, periodic orbits and ground tracks, invariant manifolds, and the variational equation with mission applications to planetary flybys, constellation, formation flying, and low energy planetary capture and landing. Part b: Introduction to spacecraft systems and subsystems, mission design, rocket mechanics, launch vehicles, and space environments; spacecraft mechanical, structural, and thermal design; communication and power systems; preliminary discussion and setup for team project leading to system requirements review. Part c: Team project leading to preliminary design review and critical design review.

Instructors: Campagnola, Watkins