Donald S. Cohen

Donald S. Cohen

Charles Lee Powell Professor of Applied Mathematics, Emeritus

Degrees and Appointments

Sc.B., Brown University, 1956; M.S., Cornell University, 1959; Ph.D., New York University (Courant Institute), 1962. Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Caltech, 1965-67; Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, 1967-71; Professor, 1971-98; Powell Professor, 1998-2003; Powell Professor Emeritus, 2003-. Executive Officer for Applied Mathematics, 1988-93; Chairman, Division of Engineering and Applied Science, 1990.

Email: dscohencaltech.edu

Tel: 577-1782

317 Firestone Laboratory MC 105-50 Pasadena, CA 91125


Research Group Matters
Sydney Garstang
102 355 S. Holliston (Steele House)
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List of Research Areas

Diffusion theory and transport in modern materials, particularly nonlinear non-classical modes of transport; multi-scaling and general perturbation theory and bifurcation theory in differential equations; chemical reactor and chemical reaction theory; biochemical oscillations; non-self-adjoint spectral problems in wave propagation; acoustic and electromagnetic scattering problems.