Honors and Awards

The William F. Ballhaus Prize

The William F. Ballhaus Prize is awarded for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in Aeronautics. Dr. William Ballhaus, received his PhD in Aeronautics in 1947 and he has had a distinguished career in industry which included designing (while still a student!) the A3D at Douglas Aircraft, a stint at Convair, Chief Designer and Vice President of Northrop, and president of Beckman Instruments. We thank Dr. Ballhaus for endowing this prize and enabling the recognition of what is for our PhD students, the culmination of their graduate career and the subject of many late nights and weekends spent, today, hunched over the keyboard of a computer.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Marcello Gori Rosakis / Lapusta
2018 Maria Sakowski Pellegrino
2017 Damian Hirsch Gharib
2016 Hayden Burgoyne Daraio
2015 N. Bitter Shepherd
2015 X. Ning Pellegrino
2014 B. Lyon Gharib
2014 K. Patterson Pellegrino
2013 I. Aria Gharib
2013 A. Lopez Ortega Pullin
2012 X. Deng Pellegrino
2012 M. Inoue Pullin
2011 C. Reina Romo Ortiz
2010 S. Bane Shepherd
2010 D. Kim Gharib
2009 D. Chung Pullin
2008 I. Bermejo-Moreno Pullin
2008 C. Franck Ravi
2007 T. Kidd Ravi
2007 C. Mouton Hornung/Pullin
2006 D. Lieberman Shepherd
2005 J. Bergthorson Dimotakis
2005 K. Xia Rosakis
2004 K. Bobba Gharib
2003 A. Lew Ortiz
2002 S. Zhuang Ravi
2001 P. Guduru Rosakis
2001 C. Eckett Shepherd

The Charles Babcock Memorial Award

The Charles Babcock Memorial Award is given to the graduate student whose achievements in teaching (or other assistance to students) have made a significant contribution to the Aeronautics program. The award is named in memory of Chuck Babcock, Prof of Aeronautics who passed away in 1987.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Cecilia Huertas Cerdeira Gharib
2018 Erika Figueroa Schibber Ortiz
2017 Maria Sakovsky Pellegrino
2017 Maysam Shamai McKeon
2017 Mallory Neet Austin
2016 Arnold Deffo Nde Ortiz
2016 Jonathan Morgan McKeon
2016 Vidyasagar Vidyasagar Kochmann
2015 I. Gat Dimotakis
2015 M. Arya Pellegrino
2014 M. Arya Pellegrino
2014 H. Duckworth  
2014 C. Wojnar Kochmann
2013 J. Cosse Gharib
2013 S. Duvvuri McKeon
2013 J. Steeves Pellegrino
2012 J. Ameleng Kochmann
2012 X. Ning Pellegrino
2011 B. Lyon Gharib
2011 V. Stolyar Ravichandran
2010 J. LeHew McKeon
2010 O. Stohlman Pellegrino
2010 B. Penmecha Ravi
2009 I. Jacobi McKeon
2009 C. Kovalchick Ravi
2009 E. McDowell Dabiri
2009 M. Mello Rosakis
2008 A. Capece Shepherd
2008 C. Reina Romo Ortiz
2008 X. Lu Rosakis
2007 L. Trevino Dabiri
2007 S. Daly Bhattacharya & Ravi
2007 L. Zheng Ravi
2007 W. Jackson Ravi
2006 X. Lu Rosakis
2005 M. Brown Rosakis
2005 Y. Kulkarni Ortiz
2004 L. Loumes Gharib
2004 G. Lykotrafitis Rosakis
2004 C-K, Oh Hall
2003 J. Bergthorson Dimotakis
2002 T. Pottebaum Gharib
2002 S. Kumar Hornung
2002 L. Gonzalez Linero Knauss
2002 M. Johnson Dimotakis
2001 M. Rubel Leonard

The Rolf D. Buhler Memorial Award in Aeronautics

The Rolf D. Buhler Memorial Award in Aeronautics – Rolf Buhler was 1952 graduate of GALCIT and formerly Professor of Spaceflight at Stuttgart. Awarded to a student in the Aeronautics Master's Program whose academic performance was exemplary and who shows high potential for future achievements at Caltech.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Emile Oshima Gharib
2018 Naijian (Eric) Shen Pullin
2017 Benedikt Barthel Dimotakis
2016 Thibault Guillet  
2016 Nicholas White Troian
2015 C. Dhandpani Blanquart
2015 L. Shaabani Ardali  
2014 C. Goh  
2013 R. Carmigniani  
2012 C. Hennekinne  
2011 N. Bitter Shepherd
2010 L. Djodom Fokuoa Ortiz
2010 X. Ning Pellegrino
2009 S. Liska Colonious
2008 J. L. Bourguignon McKeon
2007 D. Kim Gharib
2007 C. Reina Romo Ortiz
2006 P. Suryanarayana
2005 A. Tchieu Pullin
2004 R. Kramer Pullin

The Richard Bruce Chapman Memorial Award

The award is given to an EAS graduate student in hydrodynamics who has distinguished himself or herself in research.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Morgane Grivel Gharib
2018 Jason Schlup Blanquart
2017 Chris Roh Gharib
2016 Simon Lapointe Blanquart
2016 Jomela Meng Colonius
2013 I. Jacobi McKeon

The Donald Coles Prize

The Donald Coles Prize is awarded to the graduating Ph.D. student in Aeronautics whose thesis displays the best design of an experiment or the best design for a piece of experimental equipment.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Nathan Martin Gharib
2017 Steven Palm Culick
2016 Subrahmanyam Duvvuri Duvvuri
2015 J. Steeves Pellegrino
2015 C. Wojnar Kochmann
2014 J. Cosse Gharib
2013 I. Jacobi McKeon
2013 R. Whittlesey Dabiri
2012 M. Mello Rosakis
2011 N. Boechler Daraio
2010 A. Norman McKeon
2009 S. Kramer Ravi
2007 Graff Gharib
2006 R. Zhang Ravi
2005 J. Dabiri Gharib
2003 T. Pottebaum Gharib
2001 E. Burscu Ravi

The Hans G. Hornung Prize

The Hans G. Hornung Prize is given for the best oral PhD defense presentation by a student advised by Aeronautics faculty. The committee to determine the prize winner was made up of current Aeronautics students who attended all the talks in order to make their recommendation.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Marcello Gori Rosakis / Lapusta
2017 Damian Hirsch Gharib
2016 Niccolo Cymbalist Dimotakis
2015 B. Savard Blanquart
2014 B. Lyon Gharib
2013 N. Pahlevan Gharib
2012 P. Boettcher Shepherd
2011 N. Boechler Daraio
2010 J. Karnesky Shepherd
2009 S. Kramer Ravi
2008 I. Bermejo-Moreno Pullin
2008 A. Grosberg Gharib

The Kalam Prize for Aerospace Engineering

The Kalam Prize for Aerospace Engineering is awarded to a student in the Aerospace engineering Master’s Program whose academic performance was exemplary and who shows high potential for future achievements at Caltech.  This prize was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, himself an Aerospace Engineer.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 Avinash Chandra
2017 Ludovic Gil
2016 Abbas Tutcuoglu Kochmann
2015 J. Voropaieff  
2014 A. Chaphalkar  
2013 M. Delapierre Pellegrino
2012 G. Velez  
2011 S. Duvvuri McKeon
2011 D. Zehr Shepherd
2010 J. Mendez Granado Ortiz
2009 A. Lopez Orgeta Pullin
2008 J. Damazo Shepherd

The Ernest E. Sechler Memorial Award in Aeronautics

The Ernest E. Sechler Memorial Award in Aeronautics is given to the graduate student who has made the most significant contribution to the GALCIT teaching and research effort this year. The award was established in 1980 to honor Ernie Sechler who was the first graduate of GALCIT and a faculty member for 46 years. Throughout his career, he was a faculty advisor to the graduate students and made many contributions to Aeronautical engineering, particularly in structural mechanics and the utilization of energy resources.

Year Winner Advisor
2018 David Huynh McKeon
2018 Arnold Deffo Nde Ortiz
2018 Yichuan (Ryan) Song Austin
2018 Cong Wang Gharib
2018 Akshay Sridhar Pullin
2017 Ilana Gat Dimotakis
2017 Thibaud Talon Pellegrino
2016 Neel Nadkarni Daraio
2015 N. Cymbalist Dimotakis
2015 H. Burgoyne Daraio
2014 N. Bitter Shepherd
2014 J. Steeves Pellegrino
2013 N. Parziale Shepherd
2013 J. Rabinovich Blanquart
2012 P. Mehrotra Dimotakis
2012 K. Patterson Pellegrino
2011 J. Damazo Shepherd
2010 P. Boettcher Shepherd
2010 J. Mihaly Rosakis
2009 L. Lamberson Rosakis
2009 N. Boechler Daraio
2009 J. Rimoli Ortiz
2008 A. Grosberg Gharib
2008 M. Mello Rosakis
2008 M. Munson Gharib
2007 S. Kramer Ravi
2006 C. Franck Ravi
2005 R. Zhang Ravi
2004 T. Kidd Ravi
2003 M. Rubel Leonard
2002 D. Anderson Rosakis
2001 D. Coker Rosakis